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Giving the poor childern a bright future, with education.

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Like most newly started NGO, the team at HASI Foundation were improving the living standard of Poor people by providing them best level of education to each and every one; onboarding new volunteers as more children stand in the que for getting educated, and while they were about to experience success, the existing organization wasn’t built with meteoric growth in mind.

One of HASI Foundation main challenges was to stand out visually from the crowd and to expand at a international level. They were looking for new technology partner that would provide a quality assessment of the product, who can build their web application without interfering with current business that’s why they turned to the CodeCarrot team to help them with building the web app from scratch.

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The challenges we face was that

  1. Building a reliable and uncomplicated system that connects three user: for donors, volunteers and admins;
  2. Meeting timelines to support business milestones.
  3. Understanding the clients’ growing needs and successfully giving their organization an online presence with web application.

HASI Foundation brought us onboard to gain speed, as well as to gain knowledge and experience to guide the architecture of their new website code base.

HASI Foundation Chairman, Chalana, had rock-solid confidence in our experience in executing on similar problems where a migration, technical debt cleanup and new feature development needed to be accomplished in parallel.

CodeCarrot knew the right approach to take to segment the work in a way that made maintaining codebases for the same goal, choosing the right technology to provide the best possible outcome is the most important decision we made in given time.


Initially CodeCarrot understand their requirement during the conversion, and added experts, including a Product Designer, Project Manager, and Front-end Developer, chose React.js for the frontend.

Such a configuration offers easy testing and maintenance, native-app-like user experience, responsive interfaces, as well as quick development. Implementing all the necessary functionalities such as: adding donations, show recent campaigns and crafting engaging web designs that would be appealing to the target audience.

Additionally, as a startup, HASI Foundation had limited processes in place for helping prioritize work in order to ensure that the right things were being focused on at the right time. CodeCarrot helped to implement an agile sprint process that focused on maintaining the right prioritization and balance across initiatives.


In partnering with CodeCarrot, HASI Foundation was able to focus on mission of educating poor children and scaling their organization to international level. Supporting a coding new product from scratch, setting up processes for prioritization, and building internal tooling to provide better service to their people(poor children they help) paid dividends in the end.

In less than two weeks, the team crafted the whole product, so HASI Foundation could kick off with marketing efforts to help and educate more poor childrens.

HASI Foundation made headlines, getting more than 100K in donations, campaigns, sponsorship, and with contributions from CodeCarrot. The company has since moved to Delhi, signed a partnership deal with the Appu Society, and has its sights set on global expansion.

Our client has continued the cooperation with CodeCarrot. Since finishing the original work, we have cooperated on several additional features.


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Akash Chalana
Akash Chalana
In CodeCarrot I have my dedicated team - Product Designer, Project Manager, and Front-end Developer, and one of them is practically always available. I like the communication methods and processes in CodeCarrot. The overall feeling is that CodeCarrot are not a different company but a part of HASI Foundation team.
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    Student Educated

  • 264 hours

    To finish project

  • 100K

    Donation received

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